With Newter chatting has never been this fun, exciting and time efficient. Instead of replying after you view a message, you react while viewing a message. You can give reactions to Text, Images and Videos.


Stay up to date with what's trending & give your reaction. Whether its important news or something your friend has shared, join in on the fun and be a part of the post with a reaction or your opinion.


We want you to have a genuine reaction, that's why we blur all thumbnails in order to capture your real reaction. Remember, in order to view other users reactions to a post, you must give a reaction the first time you view a post. Its ok if you don't want to send your reaction, but its much more fun to be a part of the conversation.

AboutNewter Inc. is a reaction company.

We believe that original reactions represent our greatest opportunity to share the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. Newter offers a new freedom along with individualism. Coupled with a voice louder than their own, it gives an opportunity for the everyday person to become an artist.

Mission Statement

Newter’s mission is to provide a new messaging tool and network for the general public to connect from web and mobile platforms.

Mr Goli’s Philosophy

"Newter is created to capture the reality of virtual messaging. Therefore it is designed with the ability to do it. This concept is at the heart of Newter and the company’s theology. I believe that the genuine reaction of the human being when viewing or experiencing something for the first time is priceless. Newter did that which could not be done. It allows us to capture reactions in their purest form. When Newter captures a reaction, that reaction is real, first, original, a one and only, genuine to its core."

"I created Newter while keeping in mind, that I cannot demand from Newter what it does not have. So I decided to plant the seed of a new product from within Newter. Remembering great concepts like the Apple IPhone, and how it is the basses for the great applications that have derived from it during the years. I placed within Newter security features that have never been applied by any other entity in the world. Privacy is a fundamental, year by year human beings loose more privacy in their lives. As technology progresses we are faced with ever increasing security obstacles.We need to look for new solutions for communication security, Newter is the answer to the problem. Newter is designed with the right components, engineered to achieve the function that it has been created to perform. Using modern Artificial intelligence methods, it has been created to bring forth a new “realism” alongside security features that have never been achieved in today’s world. In essence the purpose for Newter dictates and is the result of the software and engineering components required to fulfill the “realism effect” that is intended. You can say that “Its circuits are right for the job."

"I never forgot that I did not want to sell an idea, I wanted people to join in on this great thing. Newter offers a new freedom along with individualism, it gives an opportunity for the everyday person to become an artist with a voice louder than their own. Newter enables connecting and sharing with a large audience to be as simple as 1,2,3. To become successful I knew that Newter needs to become valuable to others, rather than just a company of only fame and position. This theology led me to integrate within Newter an abundance of new and astonishing features. I have been given a great gift by god and created a unique thing, if I commit myself to serving it to the world, then its significance and importance will cause people to seek Newter out."

"Newter is created so that it will gain influence through exercising/pursuing itself. I never forgot that a true company’s success is not based on how many people serve the company, but rather how many people the company serves. The greater Newter and its services are, the greater our value is to others and in return the greater is our influence. I wish to state that I did not seek money and greatness, but rather my passion and vision of providing Newter to people. I realized when you are this devoted to an idea itself, rather than what the idea can bring you (Money, Fame and Power). You don’t lose the passion and vision that pushes you, I thought it’s not what Newter can do for me but rather what I can do for Newter."

"Newter has to serve the “people” and therefore will be valued in the eyes of many, hence why Newter integrates all of the following precepts/principles"

  • Newter’s discovery and the commitment to give and serve itself to the world.
  • Newter is prepared to serve itself to the world at every opportunity for the better of humankind, which is why I do not seek financial motives.
  • Newter will serve all generations, present and future.
  • Newter is the result of a vision in order to serve others.

The natural results that derived out of Newter are: -Authenticity, Authority and Authorization.

  • Originality from not being a copy of no other.
  • Genuine / real confidence based on Newter's abilities.
  • A sense of intrinsic value, based on the knowledge of Newter’s significance.
  • No competition because of Newter’s uniqueness.
  • No comparison because of Newter’s distinctiveness.

"I found a problem and solved it. The unknown was the problem, not knowing what happens after a message is received. Newter is the answer to that problem. I babied the idea of Newter and raised it so that it may serve others. Newter is not for me but for the WORLD."